VocaLab  will be an exploration into what happens when Circle Music and choirs collide!

Why “lab”? Well, it’s an experiment of sorts. As a choir director and arranger, I’ve always been interested in finding ways to make choral spaces more relaxed and embodied. Now that Circle Music is one of my core offerings as a facilitator, I am even more keen to find ways to make choirs feel freer and more collaborative.

So, together, we will investigate how to create more space in choirs- space for flexibility, movement, vulnerability, and joy. The repertoire will be a mix of songs from my Songs For Community project as well as ones we create spontaneously, sung in 3-4 parts.

If this makes you feel curious, I hope you join us and help the choral (r)evolution in KW region begin! Email: info[at] if you have questions.

Wednesdays in February 7-9pm Early bird: $120 until January 19, 2024. Regular price: $140   Emmanuel United Church, Waterloo


This workshop is for singers (people already comfortable singing who can easily match pitch & rhythm) interested in learning about vocal improvisation and Circle Music. 

We will explore the “how tos” in a way that could also be described as deconstructing it- how do we learn to access and just pull music “out of the air”? How do we build interesting parts and solos? What are the elements that we need to work on individually and together in order to become better improvisers? 

I’ll aim to give you creative and practical ideas on how to connect more deeply to your voice and musical intuition so that you feel more comfortable making spontaneous music with others. The games and exercises used will be a mix of things I’ve developed as a music educator/musician as well as from Música do Círculo & The Vocal River (by Rhiannon).

March 13, 20, 27 and April 13, 2024       Fee: $140         Emmanuel United Church, Waterloo