A bit more about my services & specializations in music & community...

Songwriter, Arranger, Producer

Joni NehRita's greatest passion is bringing new songs to life! She has a project home studio where she writes, arranges, produces & mixers songs. If you are looking for mentorship or help with bringing your new songs to life, reach out to Joni to see if she might be a good fit to help with your project. 

Educator & Facilitator

In addition to being a songwriter & performer, Joni is a music educator with over 20 years teaching experiences. She gives group classes and workshops on various subjects including:

  • Circle Music & Body Percussion
  • Songwriting- tools + tips
  • Intro to production & arranging
  • Body Percussion
  • Leading a band + General musicianship
  • Using music for social change


 Joni is a TEDx ED Speaker who gives guest & keynote addresses to organizations, schools & conferences. Topics include:

  •  Improvisation as a life practice
  •  New ways to imagine leadership & personal power
  •  Equity & justice advocacy through music & art
  • The journey of owning a small arts-based business
  • Harnessing the power of imagination & compassion

Host / Moderator/ Panelist

Joni's bubbly personality, passion & warmth make her a great asset to have for events. She has been hired to be a host and/or panelist by varying organizations including, Wilfrid Laurier University, The City of Kitchener, The University of Guelph and Waterloo Region District School Board. 

Typically the topics include: serving marginalized communities better, music-related subjects, living an improvisational life, community building with leadership that is imaginative & compassionate, being the change we seek and empowering & uplifting youth.